Helicopters Lativa orders two AW119Kx helicopters

The State Border Guard of Lativa has ordered two AW119Kx helicopters, plus the option to acquire one more. The aircraft will be delivered in 2019 from Leonardo´s facility in Philadelphia.

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Lativa plans to use the AW119s for search and rescue missions (SAR), disaster relief and firefighting. By the arrival of the new aircraft, the State Border Guard´s fleet of Leonardo helicopters would raise to four, with two AW109 already in service for 10 years.

The AW119s will replace two ageing AB206B Jetrangers and will raise the operators` mission versatility and capability for around-the-clock operations.

The AW119Kx is a single engine helicopter, equipped with state-of-the-art avionics for mission effectiveness, safety and situational awareness. Furthermore, the aircraft is capable of carrying up to 6 passengers. To date, over 300 AW119 helicopters are in service or have been ordered. The AW119Kx was designed for missions like law enforcement, firefighting, VIP transport or governmental usage. Over 120 operators fly the AW119 in 40 countries, including, USA, Finland and Brazil.

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