Helicopters Leonardo uses Agusta brand for VIP helicopter market

Leonardo Helicopters has announced a new campaign that sees the Agusta brand now being used for the VIP helicopter market.

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Italian helicopter specialist Leonardo has announced new plans for its Agusta brand. The company has decided to use its leading position of the brand to reinvent its portfolio in the VIP and corporate helicopter market.

The announcement was made over the course of the Expo 2020, which is currently being held in Dubai after it had to be postponed due to the pandemic. On the site, Leonardo is presenting an AW609 TiltRotor and VIP/corporate mock-up on static display together with Falcon Aviation Services.

With the AW609´s civil certification edging closer, Leonardo chooses a wise point to announce the brand switch for Agusta. Over the past 50 years, Agusta always stood for growth and evolution and the characteristics of performance, technology and high customisation now comes to full flight in the VIP helicopter segment.

Gian Piero Cutillo, Leonardo Helicopters MD, explained: “With Agusta we give our VIP operators a strong brand that they can easily recognize and identify with, a sign that embodies their desire for excellence and quality with a personal touch and distinction, which includes their flight experience. We want them to be themselves before take-off, during flight and upon arrival at their destination, setting them apart from others. The strength and recognition of the Agusta brand legacy still continues to live on in this particular market segment.”

“Leveraging the heritage of an iconic name embedded in the helicopter industry community, and a symbol of commitment to stay at the forefront of innovation, Agusta is a unique combination of best-in-class performance, comfort and refined Italian style. Leonardo is committed to providing operators now and into the future unmatched tailored-made solutions,“ the manufacturer commented.

Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo CEO, concluded: “The aviation industry of the third millennium is rapidly evolving towards new forms of mobility, with the aims of modernity, security, and sustainability. Indeed, our aim is not just to build new bridges for the exchange of goods and services, but, most importantly, to foster the movement of people and new ideas, which are key to economic and cultural growth. Leonardo wants to be a driver of this transformation, leveraging on the capabilities that distinguish us: high-end technologies, professionalism, and people-centric. What we announce and show here today will strongly contribute to support this evolution in mobility.”

Source © leonardocompany.com / Photo: Allessandro Profumo Twitter

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