Helicopters Mercy Flight Inc. takes delivery of three Bell 429s

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Bell Helicopter has announced, that the manufacturer has delivered three Bell 429 to North American operator Mercy Flight.

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With welcoming three additional Bell 429 helicopters in their fleet, Mercy Flight has become one of the largest B429 Helicopter Emergency Service (HEMS) operators in North America.

As Mercy Flight is providing around-the-clock care servicing, the three additional aircraft will help to reduce the fleet´s workload and to improve maintenance times. The non-profit operator will now have more flexibility in its daily operations.

Doug Baker, president, Mercy Flight said: “The Bell 429 is an incredible platform, and we are proud to add three additional aircraft to our current fleet as we strive to continue our mission of saving lives and improving outcomes for many more years to come [...] The core of our business is crew and patient safety, and the Bell 429 has proven performance and reliability in demanding situations.”

The Bell 429 is a light twin-engine helicopter. It features space for two medical attendants, as well as for two crew members. Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) capability, a glass cockpit and state-of-the-art navigation bring the aircraft to being a popular choice in the HEMS segment. Around the world, over 190 Bell helicopters are performing HEMS missions.

Jay Ortiz, vice president, Commercial Business, Americas at Bell added: "The Bell 429 delivers exceptional speed and aircraft readiness when minutes matter. Bell is incredibly proud to provide aircraft to support the men and women of Mercy Flight who dedicate their lives to serving others, and we look forward to working together for many years."

Mercy Flight is a non-profit provider of air and ground medical transport services. The operator was initially founded in 1981 and has since then completed more than 27,000 patient missions. Mercy Flight especially operates in western New York, North-western Pennsylvania and beyond.

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