Helicopters NSW Police Force receives three Bell 429 aircraft

Helicopter manufacturer Bell has announced, that it has delivered the first Bell 429 helicopters to Australian operator New South Wales Police Force.

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The NSW Police Force (NSWPF) has commenced operations with three new Bell 429 aircraft during a commissioning ceremony. All three aircraft have now been delivered to the operator and they will serve NSWPF for patrol, search and rescue, surveillance, and specialist operations missions.

According to NSWPF, the aircraft were assembled last year in Canada, before being delivered to the operator´s airbase in Bankstown, Australia. The B429s will replace the aging fleet including AS350, AS355 and EC135 aircraft.

NSWPF Commissioner Mick Fuller said: “The Bell 429 helicopters have been specifically designed and fitted with the best technology available to carry out search and rescue operations, conduct aerial patrols and surveillance operations.”

All three Bell 429 helicopters have been customized with state-of-the-art equipment, including a 380-degree FLIR camera system, advanced mapping systems, tactical radio and rescue hoist winch. With the added equipment, the helicopter´s capabilities are getting broadened.

Aviation Commander Superintendent Brad Monk added: “These new choppers take us forward and put us at the forefront of airborne law enforcement […] The upgraded technology means we can better support Police Area Commands and Police Districts in fighting crime from the air and making the community safer. By now using only two types of helicopters (the Bell 429 and Bell 412), we’ve standardized the fleet making it more cost-efficient to operate and easier to maintain.”

By adding the Bell 429, NSWPF is in no need anymore to change aircraft equipment when wanting to perform search and rescue missions, due to the older helicopters missing needed technological advancements. The two engines also allow faster and more comfortable flights.

The Bell 429 is one of the most popular aircraft in the light-twin-turbine helicopter market. The platform can be configured for customers and their specific needs. This allows the aircraft to perform a wide range of missions.

After integration, NSWPF will now operate missions with a fleet of eight aircraft, including the three Bell 429s, two Bell 412s and three Cessna Caravan. In total, the company services the state across and area of approximately 800,000 square fleet.

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