Industry AerSale purchases 24 Boeing 757-200 passenger aircraft

Aviation company AerSale has announced, that it has signed a contract to purchase 24 Boeing 757-200 passenger aircraft.

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Aviation products and services company AerSale has announced, that it has entered into a purchase agreement for 24 Boeing 757-200 passenger aircraft which are stored at AerSale´s Heavy MRO facility in New Mexico.

All aircraft are equipped with Rolls-Royce RB211-535 engines and 16 spares are included in the purchase. AerSale bought the aircraft, as the company predicts a furthermore uprising freight aircraft demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Boeing 757-200 is a popular aircraft for a freighter conversion.

Craig Wright, AerSale’s President of Aircraft and Engine Management said: “Pre-COVID, more freight was carried in the cargo holds of passenger aircraft than in pure freighters. As a result of the reduced demand for passenger air travel and the concurrent explosive growth of the e-commerce market, there is a supply shortage of dedicated freighter aircraft for the foreseeable future.”

A portion of the 757 aircraft are being disassembled for their component parts, as the company will then be able to sell these USM (used serviceable material) to Boeing 757-200 customers around the world.

AerSale explained, that these USM parts will be sold to customers at low costs, at a time where every operator has to look out for efficient as possible operations. These OEM parts are selling at a substantial discount to new parts but have a worldwide acceptance as they have been manufactured by the aircraft manufacturer.

Nicolas Finazzo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer added: “We have purchased over $1.2 Billion Dollars of aircraft and engines during our decade in business, and have been a leading provider of whole aircraft, engines and USM. This package of high-quality flight equipment last operated by a top-tier airline customer is yet another example of an opportunity for the AerSale platform to extract meaningful value from mid-life flight equipment.”

AerSale is serving airlines that are operating jets from manufacturers like Airbus, McDonnell Douglas or Boeing. The company is offering aftermarket services and products that help to realize cost savings in operations, maintenance and monetization of such aircraft, engines and components.

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