Industry Airbus and Boeing report orders and deliveries for 2022

The past year has been a year of recovery after the pandemic. The leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus and Boeing have now reported their aircraft orders and deliveries.

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Airbus SE reported that the manufacturer has delivered 661 commercial aircraft to 84 customers in the past year. In addition, the company was able to announce new orders for 1,078 aircraft. At the end of December 2022, the backlog stood at 7,239 aircraft.

Boeing released, that it has delivered 480 aircraft in the year of 2022, while it was able to sign commercial orders for 774 aircraft. The backlog for commercial aircraft stood at 4,578 aircraft as of December 2022.

For Airbus, the A320 Family was the carthorse for both deliveries and orders. The manufacturer delivered 516 aircraft of the A320 Family, 53 of the A220 Family, 32 of the A330 Family and 60 of the A350 Family.

Concerning orders, the A220 Family won 127 firm gross new orders, the A320neo Family won 888 new orders, the A330 Family gained 19 new orders and the A350 Family 44 new orders, of which 24 were for the newly launched A350 Freighter.

While Airbus continued to strengthen its dominant position in the single-aisle market, Boeing was able to confirm more than three times the orders in widebody jets. 213 widebodies have been ordered with Boeing, including 114 787s, 31 767s and 68 777s. 561 orders were for the 737 MAX Family, and 78 orders for Boeing´s freighter line, including 45 orders for the 767-300F and current 777F. The company launched the 777-8 Freighter with more than 50 orders including conversions.

Commercial deliveries included: 374 737s, 93 widebodies including 5 747s, 33 767s, 24 777s and 31 787s. Furthermore 44 new production freighters have been delivered to meet the rising demand for air cargo capacity.

Bottom line of both manufacturer´s numbers for 2022 is, that Airbus had a stronger year in terms of numbers. The European manufacturer continues to excel in the single-aisle market, while Boeing strengthens its competences in the widebody segment.

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