Industry ATR sees demand for 3,000 turboprop aircraft in the future

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ATR Aircraft has stated, that the manufacturer sees demand for over 3,000 turboprop aircraft over the next 20 years.

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In a published market forecast for the time period between 2018 and 2037, the manufacturer estimates a market for 3,020 turboprop aircraft for the next 20 years. If that number in aircraft is sold, an accumulated value of the deals will be at over US$ 80 billion.

With the delivery of the over 3,000 aircraft, ATR sees potential for 2,770 new routes. By 2037, 30% of the regional traffic will come from routes which do not yet exist, said the manufacturer.

In the statement, ATR wrote: “The expected demand for turboprops over the next two decades confirms their healthy position in the up-to-90-seat regional market. Since 2010, turboprops have represented 50% of the total sales in this segment where ATR is the preferred choice of regional airlines.”

ATR predicts, that especially aircraft in the 61-80 seat category will be popular (80% of all deliveries), while the remaining 20% will come from the 40-60 seat market. For both markets, ATR has aircraft in its portfolio. The ATR 42-600 for example can accommodate up to 48 passengers, while ATR 72 seats up to 74 passengers.

Besides the rising demand in the passenger air travel, ATR also hopes that demand in cargo turboprops will be rise as well. ATR 42/72 freighter would operate on regional cargo markets and could benefit from the efficient turboprop technique.

As the main growth catalyser, ATR has identified the traffic increase in regional connectivity. The manufacturer wrote: “This comes from both traditional markets where less connected locations are being connected with direct regional new routes, as well as from emerging markets where the most viable solution for connecting people and transporting goods is turboprop air links.”

ATR is a European turboprop manufacturer, headquartered in Toulouse-Blagnac, France. It has delivered aircraft to over 200 airlines in nearly 100 countries. Both the ATR 42 and the ATR 72 are the best-selling aircraft in the below 90 seats category.

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