Industry Irkut MC-21 performs maiden landing in the dark

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The Irkut MC-21-300 test aircraft has landed during nighttime for the first time.

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The aircraft landed at the airfield of Flight Test Institute M. M. Gromov after a successful flight.

During the test flight, the navigation and landing has been checked, as well as external lighting equipment. To test the functionality of all instrumentals, the aircraft performed several low-passes over the runway from two directions.

Irkut released in a statement, that all systems have operated properly and that the flight mission has been completely accomplished.

Currently, two MS-21-300 undergo flight tests. After the maiden flight in May 2017, a test flight programme was set up. This programme is expected to be completed in 2019. A third aircraft is currently under static tests in TzAGI.

Additionally, three more MC-21-300 test samples are currently under construction at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. Two of the three airframes will join the flight test program to reach the certification as fast as possible. The remaining aircraft will be subjected to endurance tests.

First deliveries will commence in 2019 as well. Launch customer IrAero has ordered 10 MC-21-300. In 2019 customer airlines Ilyushin Finance, Rostec, Sberbank Leasing, Red Wings Airlines and Azerbaijan Airlines will receive their first MC-21-300.

The MC-21 aircraft family includes the MC-21-200 and the MC-21-300. While the smaller version can accommodate between 132 and 165 passengers, the -300 is designed for 163 to 211 passengers. The programme is to challenge western manufacturers like Airbus, Boeing or Embraer in their respective mid-haul airliner programs (A320 Family, B737 MAX, E190-E2). Irkut will try to develop and build the aircraft with mainly Russian components to boost the country´s economy.

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